buckfast-abbeyBuckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Have you been to Buckfast Abbey yet? You really should visit, there is something very special about the Abbey, and the grounds, it has a mood and an ambience all of its own.

It is so easy to locate, just a half mile off the A38 travelling southwards. Parking is free, and there is also a shop and cafe onsite. Dogs are welcome in some areas, and there is plenty of parking in the shade if you do want to eat, or go inside the Abbey. I find it such a peaceful place, and kids love it too. You can visit the great Abbey church, and learn a little bit of history about the Benedictine Monks. There are also facilities for you to stay, many people go for a retreat, and come back to their normal day to day life feeling refreshed and somehow cleansed. A very lovely lady I used to know, Eileen, stayed their on many occasions and really valued it.

Even if you can’t manage a stop over – make sure you pay a visit, you will find it uplifting.

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Carole Langman

About the Author: Carole Langman works behind the scenes at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs as the Business Manager. Her office is always a hive of activity, and with the vast amounts of work Carole has, we never really know how she gets through it all! To unwind, she loves gardening, hikes around Bowerland, travelling and writing.

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