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Easy Steps to Free Yourself from Ego!

We all have an ego – put quite simply, our ego is the feeling deep inside ourselves that make us feel different than others, it’s related to our self image and self esteem. It is the thoughts in our minds that keep us locked away in our own little worlds, separated from everyone and everything, rather than being in the present moment. The ego pushes us towards fear and doubt and the control we put on ourselves. The fear of failure that most of us learn as we get older, when we try to adapt to different people and situations in order to feel worthy and accepted. 

Judgment of self and others

Our ego needs to feel important as it doesn’t have a lot to do these days, unlike many years ago when it helped to save us from dangerous animals and situations. That was when it had a purpose. Nowadays the role of the ego tends to inspire fear in our hearts, and provides extremely critical self-judgment, as well as negative judgmental thoughts of others. 

As yourself one question

In situations when you find yourself going around in circles, having these negative thoughts and regrets, ask yourself one question. Can I do anything about this right now? Can I change this situation? If the answer is no, then stop worrying. Instead, do something else, something that brings you joy.  Don’t let the ego keep you trapped in a vicious circle —rehashing old hurts, and mistakes, or ancient regrets. You will no doubt have learnt the lessons you needed to from these past mistakes, now it is time to let go and move on.  

Here are my top tips to letting go of your ego!

  1. Practice forgiveness towards the people that hurt you, accept what has happened, and move onwards, move forwards, letting go of your ego.  Choose to love and forgive and take away the negative emotions, and turn them into good vibes instead.
  2. Practice Honesty and Openness as the truth will certainly set you free. Be honest with yourself, be strong and positive and say no to anything that doesn’t fit with your values in life. And don’t complain, just get on with it. 
  3. Practice Gratitude. Take time out to remember the people, the places and the experiences that enhance your life. Spend quality time with yourself and others, enjoy the precious moments.

After all, learning to let go of your ego is very easy in theory, but can be very difficult to put into place in the actual moment you are experiencing it. The ego is like a bully. You can stop it in its tracks if you want to. Try to set yourself an affirmation, a sentence or two that brings you to your senses, that helps you to remember. It could be something simple and straightforward, something that forces you to notice what is happening. “Stay humble! You have nothing to lose here, but a whole lot to gain.”

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