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    We really hope you enjoyed your stay with us at Bowerland Cottage Holidays ?. We would love to hear how you got on whilst you were here with us.

    To help you to put it into words, we have prepared a few prompt suggestions which you can complete either online, or on paper, whichever is your preferred method. Feel free to be creative and use your own prompts though, ours are just for guidance if you are struggling with what to write!

    • Name
    • Date of stay
    • Tell us who came along with you on holiday?
    • Where have you travelled from to holiday with us
    • Anticipation and expectations before arrival
    • Your first impressions
    • Settling in
    • Which were your favourite places to visit and what did you love most?
    • Share what you loved and what you learnt with your dog training
    • Share your very best memories from your holiday☀️

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    It would be great if we could post your feedback on our Bowerland Blog on a Friday (Friday Feedback). These blog posts prove to be really popular with other dog owners, as they love to hear the experiences of other like-minded folk.

    It would also be good to write a little resume about yourself so we could pop that at the end.

    And of course a photo would be wonderful, so that people can see what you and your dog looks like!

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