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“I feed raw…” Photo by A Different Perspective from Pixabay

I feed raw – how do I ditch the bowl?

When we suggest ditching the bowl, sometimes we are met with questions on just how to do that if you feed your dog raw. Please don’t view feeding your dog raw as a road block to ditching the bowl! Many of our students feed raw and manage it perfectly well. It just takes a little bit of planning and creativity, but for sure it is doable.

Here are some of our ideas on how to ditch the bowl you can make it work:

  1. Use a teaspoon to deliver bits of prepared mince. Or if you’re not squeamish, divide the mince up into little bits and use your hands (obviously washing them thoroughly afterwards…!). Some people have multiple teaspoons lined up with mince already loaded on them.
  2. Chop up chicken necks into small pieces
  3. Chop up and dehydrate liver, kidney, heart etc
  4. Pop your prepared mince into a squirty bottle with a nozzle on the end. One squirt = one food reward delivered into your dog’s mouth!

Those are just some of our suggestions! Do you feed raw and have you ditched the bowl? Do you have anymore suggestions to add to ours? Pop them in the comments below, or write to us HERE.

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