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5 ENERGY UP Recall Games!

This week, we’re sharing 5 amazing Energy Up Recall Games that you can play at home with your dogs and family members or friends.

1. Chase Me Race Me

What you’ll need:

  • A family member or friend…or
  • Your dog in a harness and on a long line and a post or tree (you’ll find out why)
  • Food or toy to reward – use what your dog loves!

How to Play:

If your dog is happy to be restrained, ask your family member or friend to gently restrain your dog. Run away and call your dog, at the moment your friend or family member needs to let your dog GO! Woohoo! They will chase you and catch up with you and when they do, have a massive party and reward your dog. Go crazy!!! Cheer! Celebrate!

If you are on your own or your dog doesn’t feel comfortable being restrained by someone this is where the harness, long line and post or tree come in! With your dog in a harness and the long line attached to the back of the harness, use a post or tree to create the restrain without the need for a second person. Hold onto the long line and have your dog around one side of the post and the long line wrapped around, with you holding on to the end.

This will give you enough space to run away! When you are ready, let go of the long line and RUN! Your dog will chase you and catch up with you and when they do, as above… on, reward and tell your dog how awesome they are!

Catch Me If You Can

What you’ll need:

  • Obstacles – things like garbage cans, big boxes etc…..or
  • Natural obstacles – trees, bushes etc
  • Your dog in a harness and on a long line (attached to the back) when playing this game is more distracting environments
  • Food or toy to reward your dog – use what your dog goes crazy for

How to Play:

If you have a helper, ask them to gently restrain your dog while you position yourself by the obstacles. As your helper releases your dog – RUN! Run around the obstacles, changing direction as your dog is just about to catch up with you. The chase game is ON! Once they catch up with you have that party and reward your dog.

If your dog isn’t keen on being restrained, or if you are playing this game on your own, throw a piece of food out by your dog to temporarily distract them. This give you the opportunity to position yourself by the obstacles. When your dog raises their head, take off and RUN!!!

And as above, change direction as your dog is catching up with you and then eventually let them catch up and reward your dog

3. The Two Leash Game

Does your dog bog off the moment the leash is removed? This game is fantastic to transform your dog from a dog who disappears the moment the leash is off to a dog who remains focussed and close to you until you say they can go run and play!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 leashes or 1 leash and a long line
  • Food or a toy to reward your dog

How to play:

Have one leash or longline attached to your dog and stand on it. Ensure there is no tension on the leash/long line. You essentially want your dog not to realise or notice that this leash/long line is on them.

Have the second leash attached and when you are ready, unclip it, and party on! Reward your dog with food or play with a toy. Then clip the leash back on and repeat.

The aim of the second leash that you have under your foot is to limit the choices your dog can make when you are first starting the game. Once you have practiced lots and taken the game to lots of different environments, you can play the game with just the one leash that you actually remove.

For more super fun recall games, hit this link:

4. Ping Pong The Dog

Such a fun game! In fact, it’s one of my favourites and one you can combine with CHASE ME, RACE ME & CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

What you’ll need:

  • At least one more person!
  • Food or toy to reward your dog

How to play:

With your friend or family member stood in sight but away from you, gently restrain your dog and when your friend/family member is ready to call your dog release your dog to them. As they get to your friend/family member, it’s party time using food or a toy to reward!

Then as the party draws to a close, your friend or family member sets up your dog in a gently restrain and now it’s your turn to call your dog…and so the game of ping pong the dog continues between you all! You can play this game in the house, in the back yard and out and about anywhere where it’s safe to play!

5. Find Me

What you’ll need:

  • Places to hide
  • Food or a toy to reward your dog

How to play:

Everyone knows the game of hide and seek! This game is great to play around the house and out and about. When out on walks, I tend to catch moments where my dogs aren’t paying attention to me and I quickly hide behind a tree, I then wait for them to come and find me! When they do, we have a party!

You can also play this with another person, where one of you runs and hides while the other holds on to your dog and then lets your dog go to go and find whoever is hiding! There are so many fun variations of this game

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