Energy Clearing & The Essence of You

Energy is something that we cannot see, or measure even. It is something that attracts us or repels us. Don’t you find that some people and places we just love being around, and in some cases, the complete opposite. When energy feels negative, it can be because it is stagnant. So the first thing we need to do is to clear out some of the stagnant energy we all have inside of us. After clearing out some of the stagnant energy we spoke about last week, the next step is to protect the good energy you have contained within you, as this is something you want to keep. What you hang onto though, is entirely up to you. Only you decide on what to keep and what to get rid of.

Containment helps you to identify what is right for you

Sometimes we find that other people’s energy overwhelms us at times. And their energy can be so much, or so strong that we find it hard to be clear on what is actually there. Take media for example, TV – such as news programmes, and social media – such as facebook or twitter. Everything you watch, you listen to, you observe in any way  is consumed by you and enters into your energy body.  This all adds us as the days go on, as the weeks go by, etc. etc.  But think carefully about this consumption – is it really nourishing you and do you want to keep it, do you want to contain it?

Some news can be very upsetting

Upsetting news and data can have a lasting effect on you and you can spread this to others by repeating it. Even though we like to keep on top of what is happening, these headlines can be contrived to create strong emotions within us, so that we do react.  If we let these emotions and thoughts linger in our body, we are allowing it to affect our energy, and spreading the anxiety and unhealthy energy around. 

Be more selective

Instead you could think about trying to avoid the things that are potentially poisonous to you. Be more selective about choosing the things that you take in. It is not healthy to be in a constant state of anxiety. Instead find something that will nourish you and drink deeply from that well instead. 

You can apply these principles to many other areas of your life. The things you buy, the food you eat, the products that you use daily.  I try to adopt a healthy balance to what I purchase and own.  Think about the energy of the items you purchase and how your items interact together.  For example, are you a person that is surrounded by books but has very little else in your cupboard?  Or do you have lots of clothes and toiletries, but few books or music?

Step back and identify what your possessions are telling you

How are they balanced, or unbalanced in your life.  And what does that say to you. If one area seems to stand out as a problem, and is not in line with how you want to live your life, then try to let go of these things. Try to clear them out and make sure what you do have fits in with your idea of who you want to be.  Use this opportunity to discover more about yourself. Release any items that are attached to an old way of life, an old you. Create space for new energy to flow through your life. As well as containing the healthy energy, you can also bring in new and specific energy as well. 

Next week we will look at the steps you can take that will help you in this search.

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