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Photo by Lauren Langman

Embracing the Vulnerability of Life

What do you understand by vulnerability? For me vulnerability means the state of feeling exposed to the possibility of being hurt or betrayed, either physically or emotionally. It’s about fear of ridicule, of not fitting in, of everyone knowing your innermost secrets.  

Everyone is vulnerable no matter how hard they try to ignore or avoid it. We are all vulnerable at times in our daily lives, but many of us choose to follow a relentless pursuit of perfection, rather than embracing and understanding ourselves as we are. It’s important to be compassionate with yourself as you truly are, and not trying to ‘fix’ the things that you feel are weaknesses, or imperfections.  

My Top Tips to Embrace Your Vulnerability

  1. Be Aware. This requires a process of self-examination. You need to become curious as to why you react when you feel exposed and your pain buttons are triggered. Sometimes it is to do with the ego as it hates to feel vulnerable. The ego likes to protect its public image and being vulnerable shows a sign of weakness, or a crack in its armour. You can use journaling to become more aware of how you are feeling. 
  2. Accept yourself as you truly are. Build on whatever that is rather than trying to rebuild yourself in order to pose as something else entirely. Relax, slow down, step back from your hectic world and find enjoyment and gratitude in everything you do.
  3. Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Set yourself free of the fears that you hold. Most other people are too focused on their own fears and hangups to notice yours anyway. Reframe the situation and tell yourself a different story. Change your mindset.
  4. Practice self compassion and forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you’ve made, either large and small. This is critical to psychological well-being and your ability to handle stress better. Everyone has insecurities and flaws, which is nothing to be ashamed of. 
  5. Tryout new experiences, be brave and have the courage to show your fears but go for it anyway!

Being Vulnerable = Being Real = Being You

Being vulnerable means being open to the beauty of life as well any perceived weakness. Don’t try to hide or deny your vulnerability as it is your greatest asset. We need to accept our vulnerability if we wish to live a wholesome, full life. Even the smallest act of being true to ourselves and letting down our guard shows a commitment to personal growth.

Vulnerability is a sign of strength and not weakness!

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