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embrace your dog

Embrace your Dog for who they are

Ok, so here’s a question; are the battles worth having? Now there are certain life skills our dogs need that we, for sure, should work on, but there are some things where it’s up to you if it’s a battle you want to pick!


Here’s an example; you so long for a dog who can relax next to you while you enjoy a leisurely lunch at a restaurant, but your dog struggles with calmness and finds it hard to settle with lots of distractions around .

Now, this struggle can definitely be solved with training the games that will feed into the concepts needed, but ask yourself; for whose benefit is this training for?

Choose your battles

You see, some dogs just aren’t suited to certain situations and rather than fret and wish your dog would be OK with a certain situation, accept it and embrace your dog for who they are. Be happy that sometimes it is better off for your dog to not be involved in every activity/event/situation, whatever the case may be. 

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