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Some Rest and Relaxation with your pup – photo by Lauren Langman 🙂

Easy Ways to deal with Stress

Stress is part of everyday life and affects us all in numerous ways.  Stress is when you feel overwhelmed and under extreme pressure and you can sometimes feel threatened and unable to manage. Once you recognise the symptoms and signals that bring about stress, you can do something about it.

Be Proactive

We can all protect ourselves from the possibility of stress, and we can be proactive to help ensure we don’t reach boiling points by taking the following steps:

  1. Eat healthily – as well as eating the rainbow, try eating the alphabet! 

    Include plenty of veg, fruit and fibre in your diet. But keep it simple, lots of food can be eaten raw, you don’t have to create complicated recipes each and every day. It’s helpful if you plan your meals on a Saturday/Sunday for the rest of the week. That way you don’t have the age old problem at the end of every day, what shall we have for dinner tonight!  You will be prepared, you will have purchased your ingredients and know exactly what you and the family are going to be eating.  And you can plan ahead for a balanced plate of food at every meal time.

  1. Ensure we take plenty of exercise and movement

    Think about what you like doing, rather that what is good for you.  Are you a swimmer? Or do you like yoga? Sometimes we have to adapt to the easiest form of exercise for us, something that we can do most days.  For me its walking.  I try to go on a brisk 30 minute walk most days.  But I have to set myself a purpose, I can’t just walk for the sake of it.  My purpose is to buy a daily newspaper, but I plan my route to make sure it is enjoyable (that I can be beside the water) as well as practical (I get to the paper shop).  And then if I get a chance to do anything else as well, it’s a bonus!

  1. Rest and relaxation

    We all need to find times to wind down, to switch off, to be in a quiet peaceful state. It helps to have some alone time as well, some solitude when you can really just be yourself. Things that spring to mind are reading, listening to music, a podcast or having a snooze with your pup! But you may find pottering around in the garden or sitting in meditation your thing. Whatever way you can make sure you bring some quiet time into your life as this will help to settle you.

Schedule your Time – Just 3 Things

One of the most important ways to manage a busy life with all the stressors it brings, is to schedule your time. Using a journal can help in forward planning. Think about what it is you want to do, what you want to achieve, plan ahead and then break it down into weekly and then daily tasks. I aim to decide on no more than 3 things each day that are important to me and I write these on my daily lists. They could be a mixture of work or personal tasks, but are things that I want to get done. I find just having 3 things helps me to feel in control and not overwhelmed.

But as well as tasks that need to be undertaken, make sure you include the activities that bring you joy, as well as the people that you want to spend your time with. I hope you find these tips and thoughts helpful.  Read more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE.

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