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energy flow

Photo by Lauren Langman

Easy Steps to Improve Energy Flow

Have you ever explored the concept of energy and energy flow in your life? Have you ever thought about your energy flow? Do you even know how to attend to your energy? I recently researched energy clearing, as well as how to clear out and declutter.

Check out Barbara Moore’s book: The Modern Guide to Energy Clearing

Barbara explains that clearing out your energy is fundamentally the same as you do in all areas of your life. Your house, your work area, your garden. It would be very difficult to refresh and renew if we didn’t clear things out,. Think how hard it would be to plant seeds or young seedlings into a stoney, uncultivated or unprepared ground. 

It’s surprising what we can achieve when applying the same principles and methods, to our energy levels  Just by examining what is residing within us, what needs decluttering and getting rid of, we’re halfway there! Imagine how much of other people’s energy we collect as we go through life. For example, how their thoughts, and how their emotions ‘stick’ with you. Other people’s energy may affect us, yes. But, more importantly, it is how we choose to respond to everything.

There are numerous ways to clear stagnated energy

Choose the ways that suit you best. Just think about how you want to release unwanted energy, but remember to be focused and on track. Here are my suggestions, that have helped me:

  1. Movement and Motion – do something physical such as walking, swimming, dancing, or yoga. Find a great way to move your energy around and break up any stagnant energy.  
  2. Sound – think about listening or making music, drumming, making any sort of noise, gongs, bells, clapping or what about a singing bowl?  These will all help if you feel slow and lethargic.  Create sound, wake up your energy!
  3. Water – there are numerous ways in which you can clear out your energy levels using water. Obviously washing, soaking in an aromatherapy bath, using essential oils such as rosemary or clary sage.  You could even place a crystal in water and let it infuse the water with the energy from the crystal.  
  4. Fire – one of the best ways to use fire is to write down the energy you want to clear on paper, then burn the paper in a safe container, and perhaps bury the ashes in the ground to make it even more effective.  You could also of course burn candles, which is also very therapeutic.
  5. Air – using air as a means of burning sage is a great way to clear out energy from any rooms you use.  Light the end of a bundle of sage, let it glow for a short while until there is an ember, then blow it out.  The end of the bundle should be glowing red.  Move this around yourself, around the room, around your space.
  6. Earth – this is one of my favourite ways, and I find it so easy. Earth is good for settling chaotic energy and gathering it together so it is easier to release. Get grounded. I love to use crystals and have them dotted around the house. You could also keep one in your pocket so you can touch it whenever you need grounding.

Pick one or two that appeals to you

Don’t force yourself to do something that you are not drawn to. There are other ways of course, such as being organised and clutter-free. So at the end of every day, or every week depending on your time:

  • Clean out your inbox, your computer and your desktop. 
  • Clear your physical work space and try to use a daily to do list.
  • Don’t let thoughts just linger, blocking up your mind. Write them down, keep them organised… or let them go!

Look out for more about energy clearing and how it can refresh your life. Start by using some of the methods above. Please feel free to share your own ideas – I would love to hear from you! And read more of my Monday blogs HERE.

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