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Easy Steps to Boost your Self-Esteem

In order to boost our Self-Esteem we need to understand exactly what it is. Self-esteem is fundamentally the way we perceive and value ourselves.  The way we feel about ourselves is a combination of of different things that have happened in our lives, from the early days of our childhoods right through to older age life events.

When we talk about low self-esteem, it’s often when we think about ourselves and the immediate world around us in a negative way. It is likely that we feel unhappy about many things that surround us and that we find it more difficult to cope with any day-to-day challenges as they arise. Quite often this opinion is based on what has happened in our past and the beliefs we have built up about ourselves, which can be difficult to change, but not impossible. You can do it!

However, you will find the exact opposite if you have developed good self-esteem, as you are more likely to recognise your own value and worth in society. Positive self-esteem really helps you to feel confident in a vast number of ways. It gives you courage to try new out things, as well as the ability to take risks and stand up for what you believe in.

Here are my easy steps to boost your self-esteem:

  • Recognise your negative thoughts – these could be feelings of ‘not good enough’, or ‘who cares about me anyway’.  Think about where these thoughts originated from, and challenge them.  Turn them into positive thoughts
  • Make your thoughts positive – write a list of all the positive things you think about yourself, all the ways you have been complimented by others, and recognise your core strengths
  • Build positive relationships – hang around with people that make you feel good, and friends that appreciate being with you, people that make you happy and relaxed
  • Learn to stand up for yourself – learn how to say no when appropriate, learn how to be assertive and only do what you want to do, don’t be forced into something you are unhappy about
  • Think about what you consume – make sure your diet is healthy and balanced. Include all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Learn more about the food you eat
  • Plan in ways to move and keep fit – there is a really strong link between exercise and mental health. Exercise gives you a natural boost as endorphins are released into your body
  • Take time out to relax – make sure you take enough breaks during the day to sustain your energy levels, and that you have plenty of sleep each night in order to feel rested for the day ahead
  • Make meditation a regular part of your day – this will help you to stay focused, to be more mindful, and to have less anxiety

Learn how to love and value yourself, and don’t give your power away

Learn to say no (when appropriate) and think about what you want, and what you are trying to achieve and the ways in which you want to deal with any situation.  Practice makes perfect and as you learn to boost your belief in yourself, you will find that you are changing the vibrations, the energy that surround your life. 

Think positive thoughts, and your life will become more positive!

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