Saturday Stories – Dozer the Marathon Dog

This week we have another true Saturday Dog Story to bring you, this time starring a three-year-old Goldendoodle from the USA called Dozer.

One day Dozer was sitting outside his house minding his own business. Unbeknownst to him (or his owners) the Maryland Half Marathon was taking place that very same day. With over 2,000 runners taking part it was a very busy and interesting affair, and so as the runners passed Dozer’s house his curiosity got the better of him. He crossed over his invisible fence and started running with the nearest group of entrants.

Dozer’s house was about five miles into the event, meaning he had roughly seven miles left to run. As he continued running other runners saw him, but no-one realised he was running by himself so no-one intervened. Runners reported seeing him stopping at various points to drink water  from some of the rest areas.


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He completed the final seven miles of the marathon successfully, crossing the finish line by himself. He hung around with the other runners for the rest of the day, before making his way home again the next day (again, by himself). When he returned, his owners were confused as to why he looked so tired and took him to the vet.

Gradually word got round and Dozer’s owners realised he was the marathon dog everyone was talking about. They got in contact with the race organisers who gave Dozer his own medal for completing the race. A donation page has been setup in Dozer’s name in support of the same charity as the marathon, which has already raised nearly £15,000! He also has his own fan page set up on Facebook. 🙂

A beautiful illustrated children’s book has been written about Dozer’s Run by Debbie Levy, Rosana Panza, David Opie. Read more HERE.

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