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Discover First Steps to Self Compassion by Carole Langman

How can you develop self compassion, so that it becomes a habit, and part of your daily life?  It can be difficult to break unhealthy habits of a lifetime, and to start focusing on you and your needs rather than everyone else around you. Do you actually feel good about yourself? It makes such a difference doesn’t it, how you feel? The desire to feel good, to feel special, is totally understandable. But we can’t all feel good, we can’t all feel special all of the time, that’s the problem.

Self Discovery

Here are my first steps to take in how you can start to look after yourself (even better than you do already)!

  1. First of all you need to take stock of how you value yourself against others
    • What types of things do you judge yourself for?
    • How do you react to obstacles and challenges that cross your path?
    • See yourself as you really are – what traits you think you excel in, what traits you feel you are average in, and what traits you feel you are below average compared with others.
  2. Then you need to consider how often you criticise yourself in front of others?
    • I am rubbish at …..
    • I have no sense of …..
    • I don’t look good in …..

Leading to Self Compassion

Once you have analysed these first 2 important steps, you can start to see a pattern of behaviour and attitude that can stem from not wanting to be rejected in life. Perhaps some things linger on from childhood. Perhaps you got constantly criticised as a child? Results show that people who grow up being highly criticised as children are far more likely to be self critical as adults. And of course you can’t always have good healthy self esteem.

Sometimes life has a way of throwing you a curved ball and difficult situations may arise. But if you develop good healthy self compassion you will always get through. You will always have a safe haven, you will always be able to relax and open your heart. Also, if you’re interested, here is a link for a simple 3-part mindful meditation to be kind to yourself and develop self compassion.

Take these first steps and see how you get on.  I would love to hear from you! And you can read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE


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