Riviera Line – Dawlish Warren Station

Dawlish Warren

Image credit: Geof Sheppard [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons

At two miles in length this is an easier walk along the Riviera Line at Dawlish Warren Station. It has mainly level roads and paths and takes you alongside the sea wall, so make sure the weather is good before setting off as otherwise you will get wet from the sea crashing against the wall (in heavy rain there is also a chance of being swept away, so be careful!).

To start, head to Dawlish Warren Railway Station, which has been in existence since 1905. Once there, head to the left under the railway arch and keep going past the pub and other buildings until you reach the sea wall. Take a moment to stop and sample the sights – Dawlish Warren, the Exe Estuary and Exmouth are all visible to your left, as well as the start of the Jurassic Coast and Dorset beyond.

From here you’ll need to turn right to head in a southerly direction, following the sea wall. Eventually you’ll reach some red rock stacks, which are known as Langstone Rock. This was originally known as Langstone Point, and was a much larger headland joined to the mainland. Since its separation through sea erosion, a natural arch and blow hole can be seen.

Keep going on the coast path beside the railway line, following it until you reach the railway station at Dawlish. Take some time to look around the village or stop for refreshments at a cafe (or even some fish and chips on the beach!). When ready, retrace your steps alongside the sea wall back to the station at Dawlish Warren.

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Chris Green

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