Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Photo credit: Nicola Oates

Darcy’s 121 Sessions by Nicola Oates

Darcy and I came to Bowerlands in November primarily for some intensive 1-2-1 training as Darcy is quite anxious which we wanted help to overcome. We arrived late on a Friday afternoon and were shown to the Old Dairy, our home for the next week. It was absolutely gorgeous!  It was so beautiful and cosy with everything you could need. The welcome gift for myself and Darcy was lovely and very much appreciated. Probably the most welcome sight was the wood burner which, I have to confess, was put to great use throughout a week of very cold weather.

121 Sessions

We had four 1-2-1 sessions with Michelle. She spent time listening to my concerns and struggles and then set out to overcome them. During our training she helped me take Darcy from being anxious, distracted and needing to be close to her safe space (my car) to being relaxed in the main training arena, comfortable being introduced to new dogs and talking a walk around the field with them without any stress. She taught both of us some simple games to help build Darcy’s confidence and focus, things that we can take anywhere, into any situation so that Darcy feels able to cope.

I ended every session feeling so upbeat and confident in myself and my ability to help Darcy become the happy confident dog she deserves to be. I was more than I had hoped for.


Stunning Walks

When we weren’t training, we explored some of the nearby area. In particular, we enjoyed Roadford Lake and Meldon Reservoir both of which are stunning walks. All the staff and trainers we met were so friendly and helpful and Michelle in particular is amazing. Darcy and I will definitely be back so that we can take her learning to a whole new level.


Photo by Nicola Oates

About the Author: My name is Nicola Oates and I live just outside Wellingborough in Northamptonshire with Darcy, my 3 year old Cockapoo. I work in advertising and Darcy comes to work with me 2-3 times a week where she is affectionately known as the Staff Welfare Officer.

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