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Dallas the Police Dog

This week’s true dog story features a put bull named Dallas. Back in 2015 the Canadian police force were tipped off to search an abandoned compound in Ontario. Upon arriving they were greeted with over 30 pit bulls, one of whom was Dallas. Sadly, the dogs had not been treated well, being chained to metal spikes in the ground.

Dog Tales Sanctuary

More appallingly, the police reported huge amounts of evidence that the dogs had been receiving fight training – such as muzzles, sticks and steroid kits. Thankfully the police found those behind the atrocities and were able to charge five people for animal cruelty violations.

However, this left them with over 30 rescued pit bulls to deal with. Rob Scheinberg, the owner of a nearby rescue sanctuary named Dog Tales got in touch. Although he faced a court battle lasting nearly two years, Rob eventually won and stopped the state from euthanizing the dogs, thanks in part to the story spreading on social media and celebrities getting involved. All of the dogs were sent to rescue centres to be adopted, which is where Dallas’ story really begins. You can also follow more Dog Tales on Facebook.

Dallas Adopted at last…

Dallas was adopted by a program called Pit Sisters, which matches dogs with prison inmates who socialise, train and care for them. Dallas thrived in this position and was very popular, and it soon became apparent he would make a great police dog. An expert in police dog training, Bruce Myers, was brought in to train him, spending three daily sessions teaching the dog how to sniff out narcotics.

There is already a position waiting on the police force for Dallas in Virginia once he completes his training. They are extremely grateful to be receiving a new highly-trained canine member of the team, whose training has kindly been paid for by Dog Tales. They plan to treat him like an ordinary member of the team and have even ordered him a badge. An officer on the team, Cody Rowe, has even volunteered to give Dallas a home when he’s not on duty.

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