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create the world

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Create the world you prefer

Your Environment & How You Live

Where we live, the town, the street, the home, all have a huge effect on how we feel. And even though we have some choices, there are other things we can’t change. That is why it is so important to put into place any small adjustments we can.  

Healing of Mother Nature & Gardens

Nature is free and accessible for all, no matter where you live. If you look hard enough you will always be able to find some natural beauty around you. Any type of gardens, even just a window box can be therapeutic.

  • What about doing some voluntary work for your local park, your local public gardens nearby.
  • When you get to plant, to water and nurture and watch them grow, really lifts your spirits.
  • Or even just walk around your neighbourhood to see is around you.
  • Birds taking a morning bath. Squirrels searching for their nuts. Dogs enjoying themselves in a park.
  • Walk by the sea, or deep in the countryside.
  • Get out in the fresh air, in the sunshine.
  • Feel the wind on your face.
  • Natural light helps enhance our mood and our sense of well being.

Home & Work

Look at your home and work environment. Look at the space around you. Does it inspire you and lift your mood, or does it drain you and bring you down? Create a more invigorating space for yourself:

  • Put your house in order, beautify the areas you spend most time in.
  • Dedicate a special relaxation area where you can feel nurtured and recharged.
  • Fill your space with smells that cheer you up.
  • Flowers in a vase, diffusers, scented candles. 
  • Open the window and let the air blow through, clean up any stale spots. Bring the outside in.
  • Place happy colourful mementos, pictures, sculptures, whatever makes you happy.
  • Colour is really important and can make all the difference.

Take care of your body

  • Enjoy a massage, have a new haircut, a manicure of pedicure.
  • Book in spa days from time to time. I really enjoy going in a sauna and steam room. 
  • Dress every day with a sense of anticipation.
  • Pick out clothes that make you feel good.
  • Wear perfume.
  • Have an invigorating shower or relaxing bath filled with luxury bath soak.
  • Oil your body, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face.
  • Wear make up to suit you, not anyone else.
  • At the end of the take take off your work clothes and relax in the warm enveloping comfort of your own home.

Check out more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE. Follow me on my path of Self-Care. And don’t forget to let me know what you do in order to look after yourself.  🙂

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