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action inertia

Photo by Lauren Langman

Combatting Action Inertia in Dog Training 

When it comes to dog training struggles, often the reason owners feel overwhelm is because they reel off a list of ALL the things they need to work on with their dog.

What is Action Inertia?

Here’s the thing, trying to tackle all of your dog’s training struggles at once can feel overwhelming, which often creates action inertia. What we mean by this is there’s simply too much to do, so nothing gets tackled at all. Then you remain in the same place, not progressing or moving forward.

Our Top Tips for Combating Action Inertia in Dog Training:

  1. Work out what to work on first. Out of all of the things your dog is currently struggling with, what is the top thing right now that is having the most negative impact on your relationship with your dog? What is it that is causing withdrawals from your relationship bank account?
  1. Train the dog in front of you. Your dog is unique, train them for the individual they are. Don’t compare your dog to other people’s dogs. You and your dog are on your own incredible journey! Enjoy the ride!
  1. Constantly work on growing calmness as a life style. A calm dog, with an empty stress bucket is more likely to make great choices!
  1. Work on boundary games. Boundary games solve so many dog training struggles, many of which are totally unrelated. Boundary games teaches and grows the concepts of calmness, impulse control, independence and disengagement…and more!
      • If you have a dog that struggles being left alone – boundary games!
      • If you have a dog that goes berserk when visitors come around – boundary games!
      • If you have a dog who loves to go and visit other dogs – boundary games!
      • We could go on! Boundary games for the win!
  1. Remember why you got your dog in the first place. What is about them that sets your passion for dog training on fire? Write these down and re-visit it to keep reminding yourself of your powerful why:
        • What is the picture you have in your head when it comes to an ‘ideal’ day with your dog?
        • What is it that makes you laugh about your dog? What are some of their funny quirks?
        • What do you love the most about your dog?

Remember, YOU are the very best owner for your dog!

Taking baby steps forward is the way forward. We know that if you do this, you’ll look back and realise just how far you and your dog have come. Maybe without even realising the awesome progress you have both made!

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