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Colyton Hill by Martin Bodman | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Colyton Walk – Take a leisurely stroll along the Umborne Valley
Start and Finish – Market Place, Colyton (Directions)

You will find the delightful town of Colyton just over an hours drive away from us here at Bowerland. Why not take a walk through its winding Saxon lanes where you will find a wealth of historical buildings. Market Place is home to many independent shops, and Colyton’s Inns are renowned for their hospitality. 

A short walk will take you to the Colyton Tram Station, you can ride the tram which will take you along the River Axe wetlands to Seaton.  Colyton is ideally located for enjoying the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Gateway at Seaton.


  • Starting from the Market Place in the centre of Colyton, walk downhill keeping the Colcombe Castle pub on your right. Bear right past The Little Shop and walk down Church Path. Just beyond the War Memorial turn left down a short, wide alleyway between houses that joins a road. Ignore Rosemary Lane on your right and continue ahead to reach a road junction where you should bear right to the enchanting Chantry Bridge.
  • Continue along the road for 150 metres and thenfork right (SP ‘Umborne’) at the first road junction. Just beyond Road Green Farm, look for a gate and stile on your right set back a little from the road.
  • Once over the stile, walk diagonally uphill across the field in the direction indicated by the waymark (there is no visible path). Once you reach the brow of the incline, aim directly for the far left corner of the field (if there is an electric fence across the line of the path, grasp one of the stakes, pull it out of the ground and hold it above your head, pass underneath, then replace the stake) to reach a stile waymark and footbridge.
  • Cross the stile and footbridge and follow the hedge on your right to a gate, continue alongside the hedge until approximately halfway along the field looking for a stile in the hedge on your right.
  • Cross the stile, climb to the top of the bank and then turn left and follow the well-defined path that runs on top of the bank above the River Umborne until reaching a footbridge.
  • Once across the footbridge walk diagonally left across the field towards a stile in a wire fence. Cross the stile and walk diagonally left across the corner of the field to a footbridge.
  • Cross the footbridge and walk through a large field keeping close to the hedge on your right to reach a stile. Cross the stile and continue in the same direction to a footbridge over the River Umborne.
  • Turn left once over the bridge. The next section is the most difficult of the walk. The field tends to be marshy so please watch your steps carefully. Follow the belt of straggly trees on your left for 150 metres that will bring you to a stream. You are looking for a footbridge on your right, it’s adjacent to a dense thicket of brambles
  • Cross the footbridge into a field, a caravan site, and walk diagonally aiming towards Shute House that is visible on the far hillside. This will bring you to a gap in the high hedge on the far side of the field (it may be obscured by caravans). If it is not immediately obvious, walk to the entrance of the site and turn left along the concrete road towards Lexhayne Farm (ignore the stile in the fence on the right-hand side of the road).
  • The concrete road curves round to the right through farm buildings, and immediately after passing through them, you will see a gate on your right.
  • Walk through the gate, (don’t follow the direction indicated by the waymark) turn left and follow the field-edge, parallel to a stream, for 160 metres to a footbridge and stile on your left.
  • Cross the stile and follow the fence on your left until around 50 metres from the top of the field. Here bear slightly right and aim diagonally towards a stile visible in a wire fence. Continue ahead across a small paddock to a gate and continue for a few metres to reach a dead-end lane.  Cross the lane to enter a wide enclosed path that crosses a footbridge and a wooden fence with a top rail that can be raised slightly and slid to one side for easy access. Continue ahead to cross another footbridge.
  • Follow the clearly defined path that curves left and heads towards the far right corner of this large field.
  • Pass through a gate and follow the hedge on your right to a stile and footbridge in the hedge on your right that gives access to a lane.  Turn left along the lane and after 1 kilometre, reaches the Colyton – Honiton road.
  • Cross the road and follow a track (an old county road)  you will encounter a tiny watercourse that runs over the track. 10 paces later, turn left through a gate.  Follow the hedge on your left and then turn left through the first gate and cross a culvert, then immediately turn right and follow the hedge on your right.
  • Follow the hedge until just over halfway along the field where you will find a stile on your right. Cross the stile and walk downhill parallel to the hedge on your right.
  • At the bottom of the field pass through a gate and continue in the same direction ignoring gates on your right. On reaching the farmyard at Gittishayne, continue ahead through gates following the waymarks and signposts and then bear right to reach a lane signpost. Turn left and follow the lane to the Colyton – Northleigh road.
  • Turn left along the road for 50 metres, then turn right into a wide bridleway signpost with a gate and stile set back from the road. This track ends at a gate and stile that gives access to a field.
  • Cross the stile and follow the hedge on your right to where it turns sharp right. At this point, turn left, signpost at the corner of the hedge and follow the obvious footpath that gently curves left through a large field to reach a gate and footbridge.
  • Continue in the same direction along the clear footpath that runs beside the River Coly to a waymark on a low post that directs you through a kissing gate signpost into a delightful woodland glade to reach a kissing gate at the far end.
  • Continue along the well-walked path keeping close to the river bank to a kissing gate and signpost at a road adjacent to the picturesque Chantry Bridge. Turn right and at the next road junction fork left and then continue ahead until the road turns sharp right. Continue ahead through a broad alleyway and then turn right to pass the War Memorial and reach the bottom of Market Square.

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