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Colyton revisited

Photo by Malcolm EtheringtonCC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Colyton Revisited

Colyton Village is nestled in the heart of the Coly Valley, in East Devon’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is ideally located for enjoying the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Gateway at Seaton. About 1.25 hrs from Bowerland (driving directions).

Colyton Village

This walk starts and ends in the centre of the village where there are some local shops to purchase drinks from either at the start or end of your walk. The walk is a shorter one, so maybe you can combine it with a walk around more of the village itself beforehand (or afterwards)? Starting from the car park in the centre of the village, turn left heading through the market square and left again past the library.

Fire Station

Continue down this road for 200m, passing a fire station followed by a large park and sports hall on your left and as you do. After the park you’ll also pass a large greenhouse, and immediately after this is a stile to cross, taking you over a small river to another stile.

After crossing over the second stile you will enter a large field. Head to the left, keeping alongside the river as you do. On this river there are several places for your dog to swim if they enjoy the water. Depending on the time of year you may also find other additions such as rope swings.

Heading alongside the river

Eventually you will pass along into another big open field. Spend some more time here with your dog if you wish. When you’re ready to continue, head through the gateway at the far end of the field, which will bring you onto a lane. Turn left towards the direction of the village centre.

Seaton Tramway

As you head down this path you will pass Seaton Tramway on your right. If you prefer, feel free to hop on a tram to Colyford or Seaton for a mini side trip. Otherwise, keep heading up the path until you reach a mini roundabout with a unique pillar in the middle, before turning left over a blue bridge. Stay on the road for another half mile as it winds and turns, and you will eventually see the car park again on your left-hand side.

I hope you find these walks helpful. Read more Wednesday Walks HERE. And check out Devon Dogs Calendar of Events HERE.

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