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Columbo the Rescued Biker


Image credit: Adventures of Columbo by Andrea Shaw

In early July 2018, Columbo, a stray dog in Georgia, USA, was hit by a car. Sadly, instead of stopping to help the car drove on and left him injured. Fortunately for him a man named Jarrett Little happened to be riding past on his bike along with some other friends. As they stopped for a drink, Columbo came bounding out of some nearby woods to greet them.

Jarrett could see that the dog was really thin and injured with a broken leg. There was no way they could leave him along, he needed to be taken to a vet. With no other form of transport available he came up with a plan to carry the dog on the back of his bike. With Columbo carefully placed on his back and his front legs wrapped around Jarrett’s neck, they set off.

After a few minutes they were approached by a woman named Andrea Shaw, an animal lover who happened to be in the area on a business trip. She promised Jarett she would take care of the dog and help him, and so he was carefully passed across for the next stage of his journey.

Andrea took Columbo to a vet and paid to have his leg fixed and his injuries treated. Even better, Andrea then took him home with her to live on her farm, naming him Columbo after the city in which she first met him. As Columbo’s story has spread he has gained many new fans. Andrea has also started a Facebook page for him, named Adventures of Columbo in which she shares updates from his life.

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Chris Green

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