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Hawks Tor

Photo by NilfanionCC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Circular Walk to Hawks Tor 
Starts & Finishes : Village Hall Car Park, Lynher Cl, North Hill, Launceston, Cornwall (Maps)

Why not take some time to go out and about from us here at Bowerland with a 30 minute drive away to this 3.7 mile circular walk which starts from the village hall, passing the church and village pub, then descends into the Lynher valley. The route crosses the river then climbs up onto the slopes of the Hawks Tor Downs, beneath the summit of Hawks Tor. Then turns back along Withey Brook and follows it through Castick Wood, past the ancient Iron Age fort of Allabury, before a crossing of the River Lynher to return to North Hill.

Directions to Hawks Tor:

  • Dogs are not allowed in the playground so make your way out onto the road and turn left to reach the gate into the churchyard. 
  • Go through the gate into the churchyard then follow the path to the church door.
  • Facing out of church door, turn left and follow the path down to a gate leading to the lane.
    Go through the gate, turn right onto the lane and follow it to a T-junction.
  • At the end of the lane, turn right and follow the road a short distance to a junction on the left.  
  • Turn left at the junction and follow the road past the chapel to reach a public footpath on the right, immediately after the National Speed Limit signs.
  • Bear right onto the public footpath and follow it to a kissing gate.  
  • Go through the kissing gate and head for the bottom-right corner of the field to reach a stile.
  • Cross the stile and follow the path to a junction.
  • Cross over the larger path to the small path leading downhill and follow this to a footbridge over the main river.
  • After crossing the footbridge, bear right slightly along the path, then follow the path across a stream bed and alongside the wall, keeping it on your left to reach a stile at the top of the wall.
  • Cross the stile and follow along the fence on the right to a stile in the top-right corner of the field, to the right of the gate.
  • Cross the stile onto a track and cross the wooden stile opposite. Follow the path uphill through the woods until it emerges into a field.
  • Follow the right hedge to a metal kissing gate. Go through the gate and follow the path until you reach a lane.
  • Turn right and follow the lane uphill until you see a public bridleway signposted to the right.
  • Go through the gate on the right and continue ahead along the track.
  • Follow this until you cross a stream and reach a fork in the track.  
  • Keep right at the fork and follow the track through a gateway into a field.
  • Follow parallel to the left hedge to a rocky opening in the far hedge roughly 10 metres down from the left-hand corner of the field.  
  • Go through the gap and cross the field to reach two wooden gates in the far hedge.
  • Go through the smaller pedestrian gate to the right and bear right onto the track.
  • Follow this for roughly a quarter of a mile until a tor on the left comes into view and shortly after a grassy path leads ahead where the stony track turns a corner to go downhill into a field.

Return to North Hill

  • Depart from the corner of the track onto the grassy path ahead and make your way along the contour of the hill using the network of paths between the bracken.
  • Pass the tor on your left and as another tor in the distance comes into view, work your way down to follow along the wall on your right to reach a gateway in the corner of the wall with an old wooden gate.
  • Turn right through the gate into the field.
  • Bear right into the grassy area of the field and work your way up to the top-right corner, back on yourself, to reach a gateway in the corner.
  • Go through the gateway, turn left and follow the wall a short distance until it ends then continue in the same direction, following a rough grassy track across the field to reach a gateway.  
  • Go through the gateway and follow the left wall of the field to another gateway.
  • Go through a gateway and follow the rocky track ahead through another gateway to where the track bends and there is a metal gate ahead.
  • Depart from the track and go through the metal gate ahead leading onto a grassy path.
  • Follow the path until you reach another metal gate.  Go through the gate and continue to follow the track until it forks.
  • Where the track forks, keep left and follow the track downhill to a crossing of tracks.  
  • At the crossing of tracks, continue straight ahead downhill until you reach a wooden gate.  
  • Go through the gate and down onto a concrete track.
  • Turn right along the track (marked with a public footpath sign) and follow this until it ends in a gate.
  • Go through the gate and into a farmyard. Keep left across the farmyard and join a concrete track.
  • Follow this ahead through any gates until you reach a pair of gateways at the far end of the concrete with a waymark between them.
  • At a double gateway, go through the right-hand gate then follow the track ahead along the left hedge to reach a metal gate in the far hedge.  
  • Go through the gate then head straight across the field towards the rightmost of two gateways ahead.
  • Go through the waymarked gate, then turn left and follow the hedge downhill to a metal gate at the bottom of the field.  
  • Go through the gate then bear right downhill to a footbridge about 50 metres to the left of the bottom-right corner of the field.
  • Cross the bridge and head to the right of the large tree directly ahead just to the left of a patch of brambles.
  • Climb the bank to reach the path running along the top and turn right onto this to reach to a waymark at the junction of paths.
  • At the waymark, bear left to follow the path uphill through the trees to reach a wooden stile.  
  • Cross the stile and head straight up the field to the gate opposite.
  • Go through the gate onto a lane and turn right. Follow the lane back to the village car park.

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