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Christmas Transformation by Janet P

Christmas Transformation

Photo of Wolfy chilling out in the Annexe by Janet P

Wolfy and I stayed in the wonderful Annexe at Bowerlands from the 16th to the 20th December. We booked the Transformation Package, which was 15 hours of incredible one to one training with Michelle and Teresa – tailored exactly to our needs.

Wolfy is an almost 2 year old entire male GSD. We are his 3rd home and he came to us at 15 weeks old. He’s intelligent, gorgeous but lacks calmness, struggles with novelty and deals with it through reactive lunges and barks. 

The Annexe

The Annexe was perfect, cosy, comfortable and secluded via a high fence all around the garden. Perfect for ensuring my NBN dog could chill and relax. The goody bag, towel, DVD’s and dog treats were a really nice touch too.

You drive a few meters down to the training area, again perfect because it’s so well controlled. No one moves their dog until the trainer says so, which was a huge relief to me as I know my boy would just blow up at the sight of another dog close by. To be honest we’ve played lots of the games but we’re not fine tuned and not completely consistent so I was a bit nervous. I was worried Wolfy and I would be driving back down the A30 with our dunces hat on.

Struggles to Strengths

Christmas Transformation

The calmness plan for Christmas worked!

I should not have worried this was 100% what we needed. We talked about our relationship, our struggles, built them into goals and started to play. Some were games we knew, some were played for the first time. I got great critique, encouragement and support. 

Think I will forever hear Michelle crying turn into him and breathe when he had a bit of a tantrum at the topiary dog in the doorway (start of the week) and Teresa calling good boy, when we managed two feet on whilst she came ever closer with her gorgeous spaniel, (in our last session).

Calmness Plan

I got a bonus of coming away with a brilliant calmness plan for Christmas which worked like magic too! I cannot recommend this experience enough, if you get the chance just go. It built our relationship, restored my confidence and boosted my optimism to the roof.

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About the author: I’m a first time dog owner. I work full time as a project manager and Wolfy spends time with my partner who works from home in the week. I qualified as a pro dog trainer as when I found AD I started to realise how little I knew and we needed that knowledge boost. This stay gave me so much more, brought PDT to life and really helped my mechanics! We will be back in 2020 I’m sure.

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