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Red Boy’s Christmas Adventures by Carole Langman

One day Red Boy and his family moved to London to live. He didn’t mind, in fact he seemed quite excited by the move. He particularly liked the park just behind their flat, lots of great new sniffs for him. One day Callie took him out. She tied Red Boy up outside the shops and fixed his lead on the railings. When she went back to get him, she couldn’t see him anywhere. She looked up and down the street, but he was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared.

“Have you seen my big red dog?” 

Alas, no-one had seen him. She traipsed back home to her flat, convinced he would be there waiting for her. But no, he wasn’t there. She spent a sleepless night worrying about him being out in the cold and hoping he stayed away from the busy streets. The next morning she went to the local police station to reported him missing.

Callie felt sad. What could she do? Her precious boy was nowhere to be seen. Red Boy had disappeared. It was Christmas Eve and she was going back to Plymouth.  It was all arranged.  She locked up the flat and left a note in the communal hallway of the house, for the other residents to see.

“If my big red dog comes back, please ring me right away” and she left her Gran’s telephone number… just in case.

So back home she went, home for Christmas, without him.  No-one else seemed that bothered. “He’ll turn up, stop fussing” they said. But Callie was worried, she couldn’t stop worrying about him.  What if he came back and couldn’t get in.  What would he do?  He would be hungry and cold.  It was dangerous on the streets of London. He could get kidnapped, or knocked over. The list of things to worry about seemed endless.

She missed him a lot during Christmas

Christmas passed quietly for her. Her family were pleased to see her. But she missed him. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and feeling guilty, after all, it was all her fault. She was the one that had left him tied up to the railings. A few days later, just as she had resigned herself that he wasn’t coming back and was lost forever, the phone rang.  It was a neighbour from her flat at Elers Road in London.  “We’ve got your dog – please come and get him, he is rather naughty and we are finding it hard to look after him.”

Callie never tied him up to the railings ever again!

So that’s what she did. She raced up the motorway, singing at the top of her voice, her heart bursting with happiness. When she arrived back in London she opened the front door of the house and within minutes her beautiful big red dog leapt into her arms, all long legs, curly feathery tail and all.  Callie never tied him up to the railings ever again.

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