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Chilli’s Training Holiday by Nicola Liddell

chilli's training holiday

Photo by Nicola Liddell

My dogs Chilli, 17 month old working cocker, Zorro, 2 year old mini wire-haired dachshund and I just spent a few days at Bowerland. It’s the 3rd time we have been. Chilli is going to be competing next year so we booked if for 4 days training to help prepare us for this. Zorro just came for company.

It was magical!

We arrived on the Monday afternoon and moved into the Annexe, which was lovely and warm. Zorro loved the underfloor heating. It was very comfortable and there was even a welcome gift for me and the dogs. There were Christmas lights everywhere around the drive, car park and even in the training barn, it was very magical!

We had a 121 with Michelle on the Monday, did jump skills workshop on Tuesday, had 121s with Teresa on Wednesday & Thursday. We also joined Lauren’s Masters Class as well.

All of the Devon Dogs trainers were fantastic. They asked what I wanted to work on and what we were having problems with. They designed many exercises to build-up Chilli’s  grit, confidence and calmness, which was simply perfect.

We will definitely be back  ?

During the days between lessons we had some lovely walks on the moors, in the woods and on the beaches. It’s a beautiful place, with nothing but positive, lovely trainers who always make us feel so welcome and we will definitely be back. 

About the author: My name is Nicola Liddell and I live in Edinburgh, with Chilli & Zorro. I’ve been a dog walker for 7 years and love it so much better than an office job, even in the rain! I have 3 Parson Russell terriers, who have all completed in agility, as well as posing in the breed ring. One of them still competes at grade 7.  I got my first cocker, Chilli, from Lauren. Whilst it has been a huge learning curve, I adore him and am excited about our future learning journey together. 

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