Chesney the Psychic Dog by Chris Green


Photo by Angie Keay Facebook

This week we have a TRUE short story about Chesney, a psychic dog who lives with his owner Angie Keay. On one particular day, Angie had arranged a meeting with a colleague named Fiona. As they both worked at Pets at Home, it was quite usual for staff to bring pets with them and into meetings with them, and so Angie brought Chesney in with her.

Although Fiona knew of Chesney, she hadn’t spend much time around him. To her surprise, during the meeting he kept on snuggling up to her. Angie, embarrassed about her dog’s actions, kept pulling him away, but he repeatedly came back to cuddle up with Fiona.

After the meeting ended, Angie told another mutual colleague that her dog Chesney had a history of snuggling up to pregnant women. Angie begun to wonder whether Chesney’s super-senses had been accurate again, and sure enough Fiona announced her pregnancy a few weeks later. 

Chesney’s super nose must have been able to pick up different hormonal changes within Fiona – amazing! His story has been reported by several news agencies, including ITV, the Manchester Evening News and the Sun.

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