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Chaser – An Exceptionally Clever Dog

Everyone knows that Border Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog – it’s why we often use them for our dog training here at Bowerland Holiday Cottages and Devon Dogs.

Chaser is an exceptionally clever dog with a vocabulary of over 1,022 words!

After being inspired from reading about a dog who learned to recognize 200 nouns, Chaser’s owner, Professor John W. Pilley, decided to see if he could do better.

He spent roughly 5 hours a day working with her and taught her to recognise the names of a couple of new items every day.

John had several boxes worth of toys and random items, and after selecting a few at random and placing them down behind him he only needed to say a noun and Chaser would immediately go to pick up the correct one. She categorised the different items by function and shape.

Chaser memorises a new word through the process of elimination

When it was time to learn a new word, John placed the unknown item amongst several other items that Chaser knew. She was intelligent enough to work out that the new word must mean the item she doesn’t know, and memorised it on the spot through process of elimination.

Chaser often demands her lessons

Chaser was so keen on learning new words that she often demanded her lessons from John. He also wrote a New York Times Best Seller book. Sadly Chaser passed away on 23 July 2019. Professor Pilley worked with Chaser until his death in June 2018.  

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