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“Let’s think about what makes us happy..” Photo by Lauren Langman

Changing our Priorities in Life

There are some positives that come out of times of struggle. The benefit to being in a period of isolation is having the space and time to think freely, take stock and re-evaluate the priorities in our lives. This is a perfect time to recognise if our priorities are out of kilter with our lives and make wiser choices. We can take this opportunity to make those very important life changes. 

Not everyone can pursue their dreams, or do what they love in life. We all make compromises of one sort or other. We adapt and conform to what we think is required of us, and are influenced by family, financial and other major demands.

Balancing Priorities, Happiness and Life

Taking stock and being able to re-prioritise what is important will help us focus on balancing our lives and our happiness. More importantly, it will help us to live in a more positive and upbeat way. And what better time to review your life and focus on what is important to you than now?

If we run ourselves into the ground trying to be everything to everyone and please everyone, ultimately we will be of no use to anyone… least of all ourselves. Now is the time to take a step back and listen to our needs, our wants and our desires, to take time for us.  Now is the time to focus on us first and foremost.

To start with let’s think about what makes us happy:

  • What brings us happiness?
  • What do we want out of life?
  • What do we enjoy doing?
  • Who do we enjoy being with?
  • Where do we love to be?

This is a time to focus on the bigger things in life and make long lasting changes. This is the time to actually make things happen.

  • Decide what we want out of life.
  • Let go of any unresolved stuff such as old dreams, past hurts, and things we can’t fix.
  • Human life is way too short to go backwards.
  • Instead let’s learn new ways to be who we really are – the real us – and go forward.

Be who we really are

Learn to accept what it’s like to be us and be proud of the person we’ve become in life. Let’s look inside our hearts, for things we feel right about, instead of always searching outside ourselves, looking for external gratification. And then combine our long term goals with our happiness projects. By taking this time to re-prioritise right now, not only will it help us, but it will also help humanity to focus on what brings the greatest collective joy.

Let’s make a change! Let’s make this happen!!!

Have you heard about Devon Dogs online classes? You asked…. we delivered…. drum roll please!!! All exercises are based on a home schooling programme, which can be done from your own living room or garden! 


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