better you

Simple Steps to a Better You!

Have you ever wanted to be a better person, a better you?  Have you thought about in what way you would like to be better?  Here are simple steps to […]

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Keeping your House in Order!

Getting back to basics, start by selecting a specific place for everything you own, which is the true starting point for keeping your house in order […]

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Cherish Your Personal Space

This week I am going to focus on how to cherish the things you love, and how you decide on what to keep and what to discard. Before you start […]

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Clear your Clutter

As soon as you have made your decision to clear your clutter, get on with it. Aim to do it properly, aim to do it once only. By putting your house in order […]

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Calm out of Chaos

I have got the tidying bug – I am getting prepared for a really big clear out, and I am so excited! I sound like a bit of a geek, but I do love a tidy, calm space […]

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Relax, Unwind, Chill Out

Do you want to relax, unwind and re-energise your batteries at the same time?  Well, look no further, it is all there for you, the only decision you need […]

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