Cat Grandpa

Photo by Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary – see their Facebook page for more pics. 🙂

‘Cat Grandpa’ volunteers to nap with cats by Chris Green

This week’s fabulous animal story features a man named Terry Lauerman, aka Cat Grandpa, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

Safe Haven

Terry has been in the news recently and has become a bit of an online sensation for his role as a volunteer at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. The sanctuary released several lovable pictures online in which Terry can be seen fast asleep at the sanctuary whilst snuggled up with many different cats. Many have now him dubbed  as ‘The Cat Grandpa.’ 

Terry states that he has always loved cats. He says, “In many ways, I see my old cats in these cats here.” Terry visits the shelter 6 days a week for 2 or 3 hours each day. And he frequently naps with the cats during this time. 🙂 The staff love him and recognise how great he is with the cats.

In fact, Terry transformed many of the cats who preferred not to be touched. Now they jump up on peoples’ laps to be held and stroked.

Internet Sensation

The pictures published by the Sanctuary have been liked and shared thousands of times across social media. And Terry’s story had made it onto TV as well. The good news is that since the pictures of Terry have gone viral, the shelter has been flooded with new visitors and donations. In the first 4 days alone, they received over $40,000!

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