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Camelford Footbridge by Humphrey Bolton | CC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Camelford Way Circular Walk
Start & Finish at Church Field Car Park, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9PB (Map)

Only a 40 minute drive away from us here at Bowerland, you will find this easy 1.8 mile circular walk, which takes in the stunning River Camel. The route then follows the river along a wooded valley to Fenteroon Bridge. The return route is on footpaths through fields and finally passing along Camelford’s high street.


  • Leave the car park and turn right onto Market Place towards the main village.
  • Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing, the same side of the road as the Mason’s Arms.
  • Continue uphill past the Darlington Inn to an alleyway between the Outlook Southwest and the Needle and Thread shop marked with a footpath sign to Advent Church.
  • Turn left down the alleyway marked “Riverside walk” and follow the footpath along the river, crossing via the footbridges partway along.
  • Continue along the river until it goes under the road at Fenteroon Bridge and the path emerges on the road beside an iron railing.
  • Turn right and follow the lane uphill until you reach a set of steps on the right with an iron railing.  
  • Climb the steps and follow the driveway ahead, marked with a public footpath sign, to reach a pair of waymarked steps on your left just past the field gate.
  • Climb these steps and follow the path parallel to the fence to an iron kissing gate, to the left of the gateway in the bottom-right corner of the field.
  • Go through the gate and cross the field to another iron kissing gate in the top corner of the hedge ahead.
  • Go through the gate and follow the right hedge to a third iron kissing gate. 
  • Go through the gate and follow the left hedge to a gateway.
  • Go through the gateway and follow the left hedge to join a path which emerges onto the road.
  • Turn right and follow the road back into Camelford.

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