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Callie & Persia’s Training by Kay H.

Callie PersiaMy journey to Bowerland started 3 years ago when my husband decided he needed another dog (I was getting a cat). Enter Persia the Border Collie pup.

Other than providing puppy cuddles, he didn’t do much else. I tried not to interfere and take over, but when we had a wild child at 6 months old, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I started with a normal positive trainer and loved it – dog training had moved on from my previous experiences when younger.

My Real Obsession

But my real obsession with dogs and dog training started when I found Devon Dogs and the Absolute Dogs Academy! I was so hooked, I got another pup, Callie, to start the Absolute Dogs way from the start.

So we decided to visit Devon Dogs and give our training a boost. The 350 mile journey from Norfolk was surprisingly easy and relaxed, as we allowed lots of time for breaks with the dogs.

We all settled beautifully into the Annexe

Callie, Persia and I all settled beautifully into the Annexe, and had a great week’s training with Michelle. We did so much fun training, with WOW moments, as I had totally missed the cause of some struggles. I loved the fitness work we did, as Michelle noticed Callie was stiff and un-bendy.

Lots to work on – I am amazed that we have already transformed loose lead walking, calmness meeting people, confidence, and fitness work. 

Dartmoor was lovely to explore

We had a lovely time exploring the area; some Devon teas of course, great pubs, and friendly people. We also did a round trip around Dartmouth involving a bus, a boat down the Dart River, a ferry and steam train to finish.  The dogs were great throughout, a testament to the life skills acquired by the concept training and games.

Eternally grateful

I am eternally grateful for our naughty pup Persia, and Absolute Dogs for triggering a totally new phase in my life including the journey to Devon! 

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About the Author: I am now 58, and having been involved in training horses all my life, I am so happy to have found a passion for dog training, as I get older I bounce less well from incidents with young horses! I have now retired from my full time sensible job in IT doing project management. We live In Norwich, Norfolk with 2 border collies, 2 cats, and I have a semi-retired Arab horse with who I used to take part in endurance competitions (orienteering on horseback basically). We also have a few rental properties that we manage ourselves. The dogs now have a busier social calendar then we do, and I am looking forward to having a go at agility with Callie my young border collie.

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