Bullet Journalling Can Liberate Your Life

bullet journalling

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

If you have been following my previous posts, you will have read about the magic of Bullet Journalling. Now I am a firm believer, the more I practice, the more I discover. The theme that springs to mind this week is about how Bullet Journalling can help you to believe in yourself.  By making a commitment to yourself in this way, and by putting your thoughts and feeling first. And of course, by being courageous. 

The more I practice, the more I discover

During the process of applying the Bullet Journal method to my daily life.  I have discovered many interesting and thought provoking ideas. One of the major light bulb moments which came out of this practice was the message that writing about yourself in this way can be really eye opening… and very liberating. 

There is something magical that happens when you take pen to paper and express your thoughts, your wants, your desires.  You are making a statement to yourself, for yourself.  And as a result of writing it all down, the belief shines through, the belief that your voice really matters. 

Examining your beliefs

It may be that you have heard a different message throughout your life. A message that tells you that you need to be quiet, and to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.  It may be that you were brought up on the belief that you need to let others speak, to let others make decisions. And even that your role in life is more about how to take care of others’ needs, not yours. 

But by choosing to write your words down, in your own personal journal. By choosing to be truthful to yourself in this very private way. And by believing in your words, you are actually making a statement, a very strong statement.  Your statement says that your voice, your thoughts, and your words really do matter. And what you write and believe in has strong value. You matter.

I have felt this to be very liberating, and not only about writing down the words. There is enormous scope for letting your artistic side out of the box and letting the spirit flow.

Of course your journal needs to be functional, it needs to work for you.  What  you write in it has to matter, it has to be thought provoking, and help you to gather all the information, all the lists you need in one place.  But as well as that, it has to attract you.  So for me, it has to have a bit of colour, a bit of style, and look good. And this is one area that I found difficult at first. Faced with a blank page, I have no problem filling it with words, but ask me to draw, make shapes or be artistic in any way and I shut down.  But by making an effort, by forcing myself to put colour and shapes on the paper, gradually —little by little— the ‘spark joy’ feeling emerged.

Gather together some favourite pens, and coloured pencils, some stickers, and even some stencils, you can set the creative side of you free.

It helps to set yourself up, for example, if you gather together some favourite pens, and coloured pencils, some stickers, and even some stencils, you can set the creative side of you free.  Be inventive, be bold, and explore.  Highlight the things you want to stand out. Colour in different sections or use different coloured gel pens to make a statement.  Be brave, and see what comes up!

You will find it can be very addictive, and therapeutic even.  See what happens when you try.  Read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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