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Buddah the Stolen Yorkie


John and Buddah reunited. Photo by Richmond Animal Care & Control

Happy new year everyone! We have decided to start the new year off with a true Saturday dog story with a happy ending, starring a dog named Buddah, to help you feel optimistic for the year! 

Over a year ago, John T. and his Yorkie, Buddah were travelling from Florida to New Jersey. John made a pit stop in Virginia to buy food and left Buddah in the car. Sadly, an opportunist saw the pooch alone in the car as an ideal target and broke into the vehicle to steal him away.

Buddah’s owner was obviously devastated to find his pal gone when he returned to his car. He searched for him as well as he could in the local area, and sought help from authorities, but ultimately had to return home alone.

Fast forward over a year to the end of 2018, where a stray dog was brought in to the Richmond Animal Care and Control Centre in Virginia. A quick scan of his microchip revealed the dog to be Buddah!

John was ecstatic when the centre called him to announce that Buddah had been found. However, he was based in Wall Township, New Jersey (a long way up the East Coast away from Virginia) and was unable to drive down to collect his pooch friend.

Thankfully, the rescue centre was prepared to go above and beyond to see the two reunite, and asked if any of their Shelter volunteers would be prepared to make the road trip up with the dog. They immediately had volunteers offering their services, and with their help Buddah made it back home to his owner.

We hope this true story shows you that there are wonderful people in this world, and inspires you to spend time with your dog this year. Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs have a range of different workshops that can help you tackle any training issues you’re facing with your dog, or even just improve your relationship. Give us a call on 07717 696623 for more info.


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