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Brutis & the Coral Snake


Brutis, the Heroic Golden Retriever

Coral Snake by John | CC BY 2.0Wikimedia Commons

Have you heard the story about Brutis? He is a handsome Golden Retriever, a well loved family pet. In 2004 he shot to fame and became a hero for a very brave act! He snatched up a coral snake as it was slithering dangerously close to a young child. If he hadn’t acted so swiftly this story would have had a different ending.

One of the most poisonous snakes

The venom from coral snakes can paralyse the breathing muscles. You might not immediately notice as there is usually only mild pain associated with a bite, but respiratory failure can occur within hours.

Poor Brutis suffered a near-deadly bite from the snake in the process

But he soon recovered and his heroic act was certainly noticed. Brutis was promptly flown to Los Angeles to receive the National Hero Dog award. The committee who awarded the medal, said “when we give an award like this, we’re looking for something extra, something that would make people wonder why a dog would do what he did.” And Brutis certainly deserved his medal by his brave and prompt act. 

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