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Bruce & Lex SuperchargedBruce & Lex’s Supercharged Training Holiday

We (Karen and Ian) travelled from London with our two springer spaniels Bruce (5) and Lex (2). My day job is a nurse in the NHS and I love dog training because it’s a great escape. I’m working towards taking my dogs on a shoot, but our progress has been limited due to the dogs’s difficulty focussing in the presence of environmental distractions.

Our Supercharged Week in The Annexe

We stayed in the Annexe for a week and did the Supercharged training package, which was fantastic. We worked on arousal up/arousal down and did lots of walking figure of 8, zig zags and circles.

We practiced DMT and A2B to help the boys disengage from environmental distractions. We introduced some focus and confidence building and some conversation starters. We tried Bruce in a head collar, which was a game changer. It stopped him sniffing the floor. He is now walking beautifully on a loose lead and looks so much happier. All that sniffing was filling his bucket. Lex did amazingly well. Lead walking is a work in progress, but so much better. He’s finding it easier to disengage from distractions.


When we weren’t training, we went riding on Dartmoor and walked along the Granite Way. We made sure to give the dogs plenty of time to rest; the training was hard work!

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