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Bringing Gratitude-Happiness to the Next Level

Last week we explored the practice of becoming grateful, or in some ways we could say, the practice of becoming happier.  This week we are going to look at ways to do that.  There are a few straightforward steps that you can take to help you to get into the practice of gratitude and to make it an everyday part of your life.

Gratitude-Happiness Top Tips 

  1. Keep a Gratitude-Happiness Journal
  2. Make sure you write in it every day as a part of your daily routine
  3. Take small steps, start with one thing a day, then gradually add in one more at a time until you reach your optimum level
  4. Look for new experiences that make you happy, rather than keep repeating the same things
  5. Ask yourself the following question to help you focus on why you felt happy – What was it about that particular experience that was different? 
  6. Express your gratitude verbally, both to others and to yourself
  7. Make sure you set aside time for reflection – perhaps on a weekly/monthly basis

Self Reflection

When we’re in a good frame of mind, being reflective can help us to keep on top of things. It can help us to maintain a sense of optimism and helps to keep us positive. It brings the good things in our life up to the fore, making us more able to deal with the times that are more challenging. Gratitude is about appreciating the positive influences and moments in our lives and actively working on becoming more aware of them.

To start off, make sure you get a journal or notebook and then write down one new thing each and every day that you honestly feel grateful for. At the end of each week, make sure you take the time to look back over the things you have written. Try this for a few weeks and see how you get on and if you fall by the wayside, don’t give up, but begin again. Decide on what works for you, and keep to it!

And after all, there is no end to the amount of things to be grateful for.  It is not a limited supply, and the more we look, the more we will find.

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