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The beautiful historical  village of Branscombe by grumpylumixuser | CC BY 3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Branscombe Circular Walk
Start & Finish : Branscombe National Trust car park, Seaton, EX12 3DB (Map)

This moderate 2.5 mile dog friendly walk explores the beautiful historical village of Branscombe, whilst taking in stunning coastal views along the way. And just over an hour away from us here at Bowerland!


From the car park, cross the main street and head through the gate, past the toilets and information room to the Old Bakery. From here follow the path and cross the zig zag bridge, then follow the leat that channels water all the way to Manor Mill.

Continue down the track in front of the Manor Mill and then go through the gate on the right, following the surfaced path all the way to Branscombe Mouth. 

After visiting the beach


Photo by Partonez | CC BY-SA 4.0 | Wikimedia

Head through the kissing gate and take the steep path to West Cliff. The path passes a private home called the Lookout and two Second World War pillboxes. Keep on the path up to the viewpoint and then head through the woods, why not stop and take in the views of Branscombe village through the gaps in the trees.

Once you reach the five-bar gate you can take a detour down to the cliff edge and enjoy the stunning coastal views. Continue until the woodland opens out into a meadow and veer right.

Follow the path into a field, along a hedge and over a stile. Take the path through Pitt Coppice. The path emerges at a steep slope. Go down, through a gate and onto the road. At the junction, turn right and take a look at the picturesque thatched cottages that Branscombe is so famous for. After passing Forge Cottage, on your left will be the Old Forge.

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