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bran's transformation

Photo by Maggie Loughran

Bran’s Transformation

We checked into Devon Dogs on a Friday afternoon, and while Maggie and Bran were being inducted into the activities planned over the following week, I went to check into the Old Dairy at Bowerland with our other dog Georgie.

The Old Dairy

The accommodation was very pleasant, very clean, and very well prepared to host new guests. It seemed to be well equipped with all the things we were likely to need over the coming week – for dogs and humans. We just needed to supply the food and drink and we could look forward to a very comfortable week. The cottage is extremely well positioned, for the training activities, and also for our walking and exploring time in and around Dartmoor.

Transformation 121 Training Package

We booked the Transformation training package for Bran, even though Maggie had been playing the games for a while and had made big strides wanted a helping boost with Bran’s possessiveness issues. The trainers Michelle and Teresa were fantastic working with us – gave us a lot to do, lots of tips / ideas and a lots to think about.

Unfortunately we had to cut short the training as Bran became unwell. Everyone at Devon Dogs were extremely helpful and supportive talking through options with us regarding local vets, etc. We reluctantly decided to return home to Coventry on the Tuesday to see our own vet (who knows our dogs). Bran we suspected had ingested a ball he had found whilst out walking.  So the next morning he had surgery to remove the pieces of chewed ball that were blocking his intestines.

Bran has now got over his abdominal surgery and we have resumed normal activities. Last weekend we were back in Devon (visiting friends) who commented to us how Bran was more relaxed / settled (previously always a little stressed when visiting people). Our ScentWork tutor has also commented that Bran is much more settled / relaxed (and thus doing much better during the ScentWork session!).

We plan to return to Devon Dogs to complete Bran’s Transformation

We now plan to continue playing the games at home and return to Devon Dogs in the not too distant future to ‘complete’ Bran’s Transformation!

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