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Bowerland Zoe Swan

? We love Bowerland by Zoe Swan ?

I first found the team through Absolute Dogs online training at the beginning of this year. Since then, Sherlock (my bouncy, young Lab) and I have come to two awesome training camps. We also booked additional 121s to make the very most of our adventure during those visits. 🙂

We live in London and I don’t drive, so it’s a big undertaking to get everyone and all our luggage down to Bowerland in Devon, especially when you have a Naughty But Nice dog!! But I found it to be absolutely worth it, and that’s why we booked to come and stay at Bowerland, and enjoy some more 121 training with the team. The online resources are wonderful, but I find it so valuable to get an opportunity to ask all those questions that have been building up and to have someone really skilled watch us in action and give advice.

Massive Optimism

Bowerland Zoe SwanI also find these in person sessions give me a massive optimism boost. I have a tendency to worry and overthink things and so it really helps me to have someone I trust and know to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced spend some time with us and tell me that they can see we are progressing really well!!

We worked on some basics, tweaking the way I was delivering my training to get better results and we also tried some new things like scent work!! (A big hit!!) We were only there for 3 nights (in the cosy, pretty Annexe!!), but Sherlock developed his skills so much in that short time, as did I. My Mum came with us this time and Michelle was awesome at making her feel involved in the sessions, even though only I worked Sherlock.

Your jaw will drop when you see how big the barn is

The facilities are amazing (your jaw will drop when you see how big the barn is!!), but the most valuable resource is of course the trainers. They are all amazing and I can’t wait to work with them again. In fact, we’ve already got two trips planned in the next few months. Everyone needs to come and have a training holiday at Bowerland, staying in their beautiful on-site cottages, with the best teachers you could ask for.

About the author: I’m Zoe and I have a black Labrador called Sherlock, who’s a year and a half old and we live in London. I’ve had Sherlock since he was a puppy and it soon became clear that he’s a Naughty But Nice dog. Thankfully, I have found this wonderful team of trainers who have saved us from a very sad cycle that we were trapped in. I will be forever grateful.

Do you have a training issue you want to tackle? Come and stay with us in our cottage style apartments, right in the heart of Dartmoor, and make the most of our fantastic training facilities onsite.


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