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Boscastle Harbour taken from the North by Partonez |  CC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Boscastle to Minster Church Circular Walk

  • Distance: 2.6 miles/4.2 km
  • Start and Finish from: the public car park in Boscastle, Cornwall, PL35 0HE (Maps)

This beautiful walk starts at Boscastle Harbour and follows the River Valency, inland, up the Valency Valley. It then turns into Minster Valley, at the top of which sits the ancient Minster Church.  The walk then crosses into the Jordan Valley and after passing Boscastle’s oldest pub, descends the valley along the now tucked-away Fore Street and Old Street which were once Boscastle’s main road.


  • Go down the steps from the top-right of the main car park in Boscastle, next to the gates, and follow the path alongside the river, up the valley, until you reach a waymark.
  • Keep left at the waymark and follow the path in the direction waymarked to New Mills. Continue to follow the path to a gate.  
  • Go through the gate and follow the path until you reach a footbridge.
  • Turn right over the bridge and follow the path uphill through the woods until eventually you reach a waymark where the path forks.
  • Take the right (lower) path and follow it to a gate into the churchyard.  Go through the gate into the churchyard and follow the path ahead to the church.
  • Follow the path past the church then follow the main path uphill along the railing to reach a gate onto the lane.  Go through the gate onto the lane, turn right and follow it up the hill to a junction.
  • At the junction, bear right to stay on the lane and follow the lane until you reach a public footpath sign on the right.  
  • As the road bends left, cross the stone stile on the right signposted to Boscastle.
  • Head across the field, towards the church in the distance, to a stile in the left corner of the far hedge.  
  • Cross the stile and then another stile into a field, then follow the left hedge to a kissing gate on the left before the Home Farm sign.
  • Go through the kissing gate waymarked to “Old Village.”
  • Keep right past a footbridge and follow the path on the right-hand side of the stream until it joins a track next to a house.
  • Bear left along the track and follow it uphill to a waymark.  
  • At the waymark, keep left and follow the track until it ends at a road.
  • Turn right downhill on Fore Street, which becomes Dunn Street and then Old Road as it descends the Jordan Valley, finally emerging next to the Wellington Hotel.
  • Turn right on the road at the junction just past the Wellington Hotel and follow it across the bridge to the Cobweb Inn.
  • Turn right into the car park to complete the walk.

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