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This week we have another true Saturday Dog Story to bring you, this time featuring Bobbie the Wonder Dog who was a Scotch Collie/English Shepherd mix.

In August 1923 Bobbie had gone on a family trip to Indiana, USA, with his owners Frank and Elizabeth Brazier and their daughters Leona and Nova. During their trip Bobbie was suddenly attacked by three other dogs. Outnumbered, he had no choice but to flee the encounter. His owners searched everywhere for him but sadly were not able to locate him before they had to return home to Oregon on the other side of the country. Frank and Elizabeth did their best to console their daughters whilst helping them to accept they were never going to see their dog again.

Six months later in February 1924 the family got the shock of their lives when they looked outside their home and saw Bobbie waiting to come in. He was dirty and scrawny and showed signs that he had walked the entire distance home (2,500 miles) – an average of 14 miles per day across plains, deserts and mountains, as well as crossing the Continental Divide during the coldest part of Winter!

Once Bobbie was home his story spread and he immediately began to grow famous. People who had fed and sheltered him along his journey got in touch with the family, allowing the family to figure out a rough estimate of the route he had taken. After fleeing his attackers he had returned to where the family were visiting in Indiana, and unable to find them he had struck out in several directions trying to find their scent, before heading west. He had re-visited the exact same service stations the family and stayed in on the journey down, all the time making his way back to them. Along the way he also stopped at homes and hobo camps – anywhere where he could find food and warmth.

As more and more news articles were published about Bobbie he received letters from fans all around the world, and was even given gifts such as jewel-studded harnesses and collars.

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