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Photo by Flickr users David and Lynne Slater (Flickr here) | CC BY 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Bo the Therapy Dog who hears with his Heart

This week’s true Saturday Story is proof that just because a dog has a disability doesn’t mean that they can’t lead an active and fulfilling life! Denise and Frank Sebastianelli were in need of a new dog. They wanted their new member of the family to provide dog therapy, so had decided they’d like a Flat Coated Retriever as they are known for their fun and sweet personalities.  Having found someone selling a litter of puppies, they went to take a visit.

The quiet one

When they arrived there were only two puppies left in the litter. One was described as confident and outgoing, whilst the other was quiet and shy – they were told that he would be the last one to go. The handler passed them the ‘best’ puppy to play with, whilst the quiet one was left alone in the corner. Whilst the first puppy was very cute and appealing, the couple asked to see the other dog but were advised “You really don’t want this one”. However, they were undeterred and insisted, and as the shy puppy crawled into Frank’s arms he snuggled in. They both knew then and there that they had to take him home.

Hearing with his heart

Some time passed before Denise and Frank knew for sure their new dog, Bo, was deaf. Although they were initially worried, they soon realised Bo could ‘hear with his heart’ as well as any other dog could with their ears. They began training him with hand signals, and Bo thrived, learning everything and taking it all in his stride.

Good Canine Citizen Test

A year later Bo passed his Canine Good Citizen Test and became a fully registered Therapy Dog on his second birthday. These days he visits locals hospitals, hospices and nursing homes bringing joy and comfort to all he meets.

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