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Photo taken in the Old Dairy Garden by Laura B

My Birthday Present at Bowerland by Laura B.

We had both cottages booked for our yearly family holiday, which was also my birthday present this year. We travelled the normally 4 hour journey in 7 hours…. joys of Friday traffic around Northampton and Oxford! But finally our weeks holiday began…YAY!

Bowerland is such a relaxing place

Myself, my mum, my son and my cousin joined us last minute as we had an extra adult space booked. We also had all 6 of my dogs with us and a training package plus extra workshops booked. All of us had an absolutely amazing time, didn’t go out and do much because Bowerland is such a relaxing place, so we took full advantage of it! 

Started with Steeplechase

Due to the extra-long journey, we headed straight over to the Bowerland Dog Training Arena for Steeplechase. I travel down a lot every month just for any agility workshops I can make so I wasn’t missing this one. So amazing to watch various levels of dogs taking part. At the end of the workshop, with no food shopping in I asked where we could order pizza from that delivered. Pizza plus came, found the cottages no problem and the pizzas were delicious!


Monday my training package started and I was amazed at what Michelle saw in 2 of my dogs that I hadn’t – turns out they’ve been tricking me into thinking they couldn’t do things.


Tuesday was an agility 1-2-1 with Teresa and she finally saw the real Buddy, he hadn’t shown his full energy in a class situation before then.


Wednesday was my Doberman’s turn, impulse control needed regularly for him. My son joined us and started learning some of the games too. Really started his love for dog training, and since he’s been sharing it with me at home. AMAZING! That afternoon we went to the Eden project, maintaining our relaxation but thought we should do something non dog related while we were there – such an amazing place, everyone needs to go there.


Thursday was my naughtiest but nice dogs turn, again lots of impulse control needed for them but for the first time ever – my Weimaraner was able to focus with a stranger around and moving…WOW! There were lots of workshops around my 1-2-1 sessions that helped me with my mechanics and my dogs in different environments.

Friday – our last day at Bowerland

Friday came and it was time to leave, just as 2 of my 6 had figured out how they could sneak out the garden behind me….too clever for their own good. Tested their recalls, and for 1 there’s work to do there. We had such an amazing relaxing time and it really was what we needed.

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Bowerland - bio picAbout the Author: My name is Laura Bradshaw, I am a lone parent to one amazing 12 year old boy. We have always been an animal loving family, so multi pets and species are the norm for us. We currently have 6 dogs, 9 indoor cats, a rabbit and a budgie (dog 7 will be joining us in the near future). We’ve never picked the easy pets, always the ones who struggle to get homes or need extra care so although I am officially a dog trainer, I make regular trips to Devon for my own dogs and my business. In my spare time (not that there’s much of it!) I make dehydrated dog treats and home educate my son, however he is super awesome at taking care of his own education, which I am massively proud of!

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