Saturday Stories – Ben’s Second Escape


Image by Blanky | CC-BY-SA-3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Times had been tough since Ben the St Bernard’s last grand day out [read here]. His humans had seemingly become smarter and more careful. The window, the method of his escape last time, would unlikely be left unguarded again. But after his taste of freedom last time Ben knew he needed to explore on his own again – he would have to be smart.

Ben’s first escape attempt failed dramatically. He waited for the one his humans call ‘postman’ to appear. As the dreaded man with the parcels made his daily appearance, Ben made a sprint towards the open door, knowing his humans would be distracted. Sadly, one of them had anticipated his move and was there to block him. Ben would learn from this mistake though.

His second attempt was more fruitful. Most days his humans took him for walks, and for some of these trips they travelled to the woods with him in the back of what they called the ‘car’. The car was a ferocious beast that Ben had once been fearful of, but over time he had grown used to it and on this occasion, it would even be his ally. Ben knew that when his humans opened the back of the car to let him out, there was a split second where escape might be possible. So on one of his walks Ben did so, slipping past his humans and away into the wood.

Even though Ben had been to this section of the woods many times before, it was different to when one of his humans were guiding him around. With them out of the way he was free to explore every little scent and distraction as he pleased.

First he found a good, sturdy stick to carry round, as every dog knows that this is a vital tool for any adventure. With this safely in his mouth, he followed an unfamiliar scent into a clearing in the wood, hoping to meet some woodland friends. Sadly even though he could smell and hear them, he could not find them. Ben heard his humans’ calls get louder so quickly moved on.

Having run on ahead a little, the next stage of his adventure was to jump into a nearby hedge. Some other foolish dog had left their ball there, and Ben wanted it. It took a little bit of searching around, but eventually he found it. Now he had to make the difficult decision of whether to take the stick of ball – he tried to carry both but it he couldn’t quite manage it. In the end he chose the ball.

Next Ben found a hole in the ground that looked like it belonged to someone. He sniffed around, wondering what lived down there. He barked a friendly hello but didn’t hear anything back.

As he listened out, Ben’s ears could hear the change in his humans’ voices – they were no longer frustrated and were now worried. As much as they were trying to stop his plans, they were his humans to look after and he had a duty not to cause them harm. Reluctantly, he turned back and raced to find them, bringing the ball with him.

When they saw him they all gave him some attention which he liked, and even threw the ball for him. Ben began to wonder whether he needed to escape a third time – it turned out he had everything he needed right here with his family!

Chris Green

About the Author: Chris Green works in the office at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs, using his technical expertise to assist wherever needed. In his spare time he likes playing guitar and bass, and hiking around Dartmoor.

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