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Ben and His Adventures by Chris Green

My name is Ben and I’m a St Bernard. As far as humans go, mine are pretty good to me! They let me run around the house, give me lots of snacks and even let me out into the garden so I can smell all the flowers (and of course, keep my territory marked in case of invaders). All I have to do in return is plonk my rear on the ground sometimes when they ask me to ‘sit’ (and even then I often try and get away with not bothering).

But when I’m outside the truth is I yearn for all the other interesting and exciting smells that I can’t reach, beyond the pesky walls my humans have built around the garden. Thus, several weeks ago I began planning my escape – I had to find out just what all those exciting smells belonged to!

My Master Plan

Today was the day I carried out my master plan, weeks in the planning. I carried out the first phase perfectly. I knew it would have to be a warm day so that my humans would open the window (even without fur like us they can’t stand much heat). Then it was just a case of waiting for them to let their guard down. Sure enough, this morning such an opportunity arose where I was left alone in the room – and I took it, pouncing out of the window. I knew if I hesitated my humans would catch me, so I kept all four of my paws moving as fast as I could, not looking back as I sprinted away.


Freedom! Ah it was glorious! So much to see and take in, so many overwhelming scents, I didn’t know what to do first. I started with the gardens belonging to humans nearby. Normally my humans don’t let me go near these, but of course today I was free and I took full advantage, making sure to mark my territory so that other dogs knew I had visited. Someone had even left some bright flowers there for me to munch – yummy!

Next I found a bag all wrapped up with lots of delicious scents inside. It took me a little bit of time to break through it but inside I found some yummy chicken and other snacks – jackpot!

After this discovery I was ready for the next stage of my adventure. I picked up the scent of another human nearby and sure enough they were easy to find. I ran over and demanded that they give me all their attention. Of course they obliged – I received so many belly rubs, I couldn’t help but wag my tail.

My Humans

It was at this point I could hear my humans calling me… “Ben, Ben, here boy.” I knew if I wasn’t careful then my adventure would be over. But alas, I was betrayed by my new human friend, who grabbed hold of my collar as I tried to make my escape. I pulled as hard as I could but this was a big human and I couldn’t shake him.

A moment later my humans arrived, waving and calling to me. I tried to resist as they took my collar off the human, as there was so much more I wanted to explore, but my humans had my favourite treat in their hand and I knew I would have to obey to get it. Reluctantly, I gave in and let them take me home.

Looking back I had a great day out. I’m already planning my next adventure (I hope my humans don’t read this!)

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