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Photo by Carole Langman

Belstone & the Nine Stones Circle 

Belstone is a small village in Devon close to Okehampton, and only about 7 miles from Bowerland. The walk will take between 1-2 hours and there are breathtaking views of Belstone Tor and the Nine Stones Circle!

Directions: (Map)

  1. Park up at the Belstone Village car park (a free car park) and walk into the village. Go past the telegraph office and keep right along a tarmac lane (there isn’t a sign post, but keep to the right of the fire hydrant).
  2. After about half a mile go across a cattle gird and then turn left across a stile. Go across the field and pass through a derelict gateway. Keep right alongside a field boundary and at the bottom righthand corner of the field go across another stile.
  3. Follow the hedge to your left down the hill and over another stile (this time with removable bars) until you reach a stream. The path leads across a simple bridge and out onto a minor lane. Turn left along it. Cross under the A30 and then under the railway line and turn left at the road junction. Turn left again past a car-parking area through a gate and under the railway viaduct.
  4. Turn right across a footbridge over the East Okement River, then left through a gate and back under the A30. Make sure you follow the path nearest to the river.  In places the path goes very near the river, so be careful in wet weather. You will come to a wooden footbridge across a tributary and make sure you cross it. The path leads to a hidden gap in the wall ahead. From here the path is pretty uneven in places  so watch your step.
  5. After you pass a small waterfall, some 200m beyond you join another path and then continue up the valley. Then cross the river by a footbridge and turn right. You will find yourself now on open moorland.
  6. Ahead of you is Belstone Tor and make sure you head in that direction. You will follow a path which leads up from the valley floor. Even though the path will peter out, make sure you continue heading for Belstone Tor, which is the highest point.
  7. In due course you will reach a well-made track and take a turn to the left. After about 100 m bear off at a 45-degree angle to the right. You will go up a well defined minor path and then come to another track. Cross this and you will see the Nine Stones cairn circle ahead of you. When you reach the circle turn your back on Belstone Tor and walk in a straight line until you reach a track.
  8. Turn right along the track and head for the stone wall and follow the track through a gate. This road will take you back down into Belstone village. Make sure you pop into The Tors for a well deserved pint!

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