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Saturday Stories – Belle the Lifesaving Dog

This week’s true Saturday Dog Story features a Beagle named Belle. Her owner, Kevin Weaver, has diabetes. Belle was assigned to him as a specially-trained assistant who can sense when his blood sugar levels are not at the correct level. When she senses this, Belle has been trained to lick Kevin’s nose and paw at him.

Although they were assigned to each other for medical reasons, the bond between Kevin and Belle soon grew.

Back in 2006 Belle was forced to put another skill to use. Out of nowhere on an ordinary day Kevin suddenly suffered a seizure and collapsed unconscious. Thankfully our clever little Beagle had been trained how to deal with such a situation. Without hesitation, she took Kevin’s phone and bit down on the number ‘9’ button. This had been pre-programmed on the phone to automatically phone the emergency services, who soon arrived at Kevin’s home and were able to treat him and save his life.

As a reward for saving her friend and owner Belle was awarded the ‘VITA Wireless Samaritan Award’ given to those that use a cell phone to save a life or stop a crime – the first ever dog to win the award. Although I’m sure Belle was proud of achieving this, I expect she was just happy that her best friend was ok.

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Chris Green

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