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being right

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Being Right by Carole Langman

Do you go about life always wanting to be in the right and searching for the perfect solution to every issue? Never wanting to get it wrong? And even if we are totally 100% certain that we are correct, have you ever thought that perhaps we might still be mistaken? Being right makes us feel powerful, smart, strong, and superior to others. Unfortunately, the other person may feel they are in the wrong. They may even feel inferior, powerless, silly and weak. This is definitely not good for our relationships.

“Being right is one of the last obstacles to true freedom.” — The Veda

Always better to be kind than right

In communicating with others have you ever thought about why it may be better to be kind rather than right? Or have you ever thought that perhaps the other person was also right in their own way? Perhaps they had good intentions, but somehow it got mixed up or confused? It would definitely be more generous and humbling to share this lovely feeling with others. It feels better than claiming the righteous feeling all for ourselves! 

“The more a person needs to be right, the less certain he is.” ― Meir Ezra

I find that it sometimes boils down into worries about what others think of us. We may believe that other people may think we are no good, unworthy or are just against us in general. That could be why we always want to be right. But these deep held beliefs hurt our bodies, hurt our souls, and can lead us to addictive and self destructive behaviors.  And could eventually separate us from our own true heartfelt connections with others.

It’s all a matter of perspective… and appreciation

And if we can adopt the right perspective, the more balanced view, we may be able to focus on the deeper lessons at hand. Learn to appreciate other people’s opinions. Try to look at it from their point of view. Our job in any relationship is to appreciate the other person. Sometimes we are tempted to point out things that we don’t agree with, or that we feel are not worthy of our appreciation. But if we could turn it around, if we could only point out things that are worthy of our appreciation, that will turn it on its head. Keep a lookout for things that make you happy, rather than seeking out reasons to be critical. 

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