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Become a Better You by Carole Langman

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, is to give ourselves time.  All too often we give our time away to others, and make their priorities our own. Of course we have duties and responsibilities. We have to work, we have to look after our families and friends. We have numerous tasks that need our attention at all times. But we mustn’t put ourselves to the back of the queue. 

However we function in life, we have learnt by practice. We learn by following a dedicated set of patterns. These patterns shape us as individuals and give us a sense of achievement.  We learn to discover who we are, and how to be at one with ourselves. Most importantly, we learn the very essence of ‘us’.  Once we have learnt the fundamentals, we can then look at how to improve the things that matter for us in life. The things that are just right for us as individuals.  And we learn how to ensure we make the best possible choices for our future happiness.

One of the key starting points in making better choices in life is to believe in yourself, who you are, and what you can do once you put your mind to it.  Start to really believe in looking after yourself, that you are important and that you are responsible for your own healing. And having the ability to make better choices will give you a much improved sense of fulfilment in life going forward. 

You may need to take a leap of faith. You will need to become better at judging yourself and giving yourself permission to choose what is right for you.  

My Essential Tips to Become a Better You!

  1. At the very start of this process you need to follow some early steps. One of the ways to learn about what you really want is to make sure you record your feelings and behaviours and start to note down when you felt it. Think about what prompted the feelings, and how it resonated with you.  Look at your reactions, how it affected your body, and what impact that had.
  2. Once you have gathered enough information to make a start, move onto finding practical ways to become a better you.  
  3. What is it you want to be better at? What do you want to change about yourself? Make a connection with what you can control, and what you can do.  This helps you to make better choices.
  4. Don’t get trapped into a way of thinking that limits your choices. Old patterns can hold you back and box you in.
  5. Be brave and take a leap of faith. Think about times when life was good, when everything was going well.  Perhaps a time when you felt fit, healthy, and happy. Think yourself back into that frame of mind. What were the specific influences that motivated you at that time. Try to re-create some of the situations, the things that you can control.
  6. Break away from the current ‘label’ you have put on yourself, such as “too old, not healthy, overweight etc.” Don’t be limited by old patterns of thoughts that have trapped you in and kept you down.
  7. Again, ask yourself the question – “What do you want to be better at?”
  8. Think ahead to a year or two.  What does being better look and sound like? How does it feel?

And finally, alway be your own judge, don’t give that luxury to anyone else. After all, you know best what feels right for you.

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